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I'm a Software Developer with a B.Tech from IIT Madras, now a Desk Quant Analyst at Squarepoint Capital. Formerly at Amazon, I led the development of an automated Test System & Framework for IoT devices. Proficient in Python, C++, Javascript, and more, with a background in finance courses like Probability, Statistics, and Machine Learning. My analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, and independence make me a valuable asset in the finance sector. Eager to apply my expertise to new challenges and contribute effectively to any team.

  • Name: Rudra Desai
  • Date of birth: December 6, 2000
  • Address: London, United Kingdom
  • Email: rudrad200@gmail.com


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October, 2023 - present

Squarepoint Capital

Desk Quant Analyst
  • Developed a suite of internal tools utilizing a blend of Q & Python to support quantitative researchers
  • Designed Tableau dashboards to streamline the analysis of trade fees, enhancing data visualization and decision-making processes
  • Engineered Excel workbooks integrating a Q backend to provide traders with comprehensive ticker analytics, facilitating informed trading strategies
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July, 2022 - September, 2023

Amazon Sidewalk

Software Development Engineer
  • Contributed in the development and deployment of Amazon's largest IoT Network of 1.5M+ devices
  • Orchestrated design of a Test System to expedite Quality Assurance, resulting in a 90% reduction in run-time
  • Leveraged event-driven libraries such as Asyncio to concurrently test 100+ IoT devices in one go
  • Cross-compiled and ported Python with its associated Linux dependencies to a microcontroller for efficient testing


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June, 2021 - July, 2021

American Express

Security Analyst Intern
  • Developed a robust API server leveraging Django to deliver critical security reports across internal software
  • Assessed 3000+ vulnerabilities, identified true positives, and debugged affected components in production
  • Automated go-live processes with Python scripts, which expedited internal library updates in the Jenkin's CI/CD pipeline resulting in over 10% time savings
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January, 2022 - March, 2022

Narrato - Content Creation & Workflow Software

Software Development Intern
  • Enhanced an AI-based content creation tool to generate 1000+ SEO friendly blogs & articles daily.
  • Integrated OpenAI's APIs into 15+ use cases, enabling faster adoption of Narrato platform.
  • Troubleshot platform errors in Django & React applications, streamlining process operations by 40%.
  • Deployed a multi-layered NLP model; achieved 95% accuracy in real-time content evaluation & rating.
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December, 2020 - January, 2020


Back End Development Intern
  • Developed a Django REST API Server for supporting an android app in production.
  • Implemented high-performance real-time messaging support that can manage up to 10K concurrent user traffic using Web sockets.
  • Optimized internal APIs to streamline the performance and stabilize load time by 10%.
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May, 2020 - July, 2020

Godot Media

Product Development Intern
  • Utilized Regex and NLP techniques to clean and scrape web articles using Python
  • Constructed a multi-layered LSTM model with an attention mechanism on the generated dataset
  • Implemented a successful deployment of the model using Tensorflow.js to rate articles in real-time for freelancers on Narrato


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B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

IIT Madras

Graduated from IIT Madras with a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering and CGPA 8.86.

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High School

Shivashish Public School

Completed High school with 91.4% from Shivashish school in CBSE medium





















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October, 2019

Machine Learning

by Stanford University on Coursera

Learned some basic but important topics like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines, Unsupervised Learning, Anomaly Detection, Recommender Systems and Photo OCR.

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December, 2019

Deep Learning Specialization

by deeplearning.ai on Coursera

Learned topics like Optimization Algorithms, Hyperparameter tuning, Batch Normalization and Tensorflow.

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December, 2019

Convolutional Neural Network

by deeplearning.ai on Coursera

Learned topics like Computer Vision basics, Classic Networks, Residual Networks, Inception Network, Data Augmentation, Detection Algorithms, One Shot Learning, Siamese Network, Face verification and Recognition.



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